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Russian APB Character Migration

Welcome Russian APB players! As of early 2017, Innova/4Game no longer operates APB Reloaded in Russia.

GamersFirst has created a new Russian "Nekrova" world specifically for Russian players which they can migrate their past "Pioneer" worlds' characters to using this website.

To proceed with the migration, you must login to an existing GamersFirst account or create a new one. This account and its credentials (e-mail/password) will be used to login to the game.

Please note that only one Innova/4Game account may be migrated to each GamersFirst account and the process is non-reversible.

You will need access to a "migration code" provided by Innova/4Game or access to the e-mail address you used when initially registering with their service. If you haven't received your code or no longer have access to the e-mail tied to your account, please contact Innova/4Game's support for assistance.