Hit the streets as a licensed vigilante or hardened criminal in the crime-ravaged metropolis of san paro, where shootouts, car-chases, robbery and vandalism are all in a day's work.

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Urban Multiplayer Mayhem

Drive and shoot your way through the city of san paro with a dizzying array of weapons and vehicles.

Carry out jobs and climb the ranks of your faction to unlock shiny new gear, helping you uphold the law or break it.

Insane customization

experience an insane level of customization you've never seen before. Cosplay as your favorite character, or come up with something nobody's ever seen before. Got a tattoo in real life? Put it in the game. Plus you can use the in-game music engine to create custom them enemies hear when you kill them! You're going to want to check this out.

Realtime PVP Missions

Run Missions against groups of opposing players where you'll take part in the craziest shootouts and car-chases this side of a hollywood blockbuster. Or try a bit of the ol' tom in the fight club district, or just troll the streets looking for shops to rob or criminals to arrest. Keep an eye out for special dynamic events as they occur, or players that get a little too famous for their own good.